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UNMISS Slams the Decision by the Council of Ministers that the Deployment of the Regional Protection Force Elapsed

JUBA – On a press statement seen on UNMISS website by the Upper Nile Times correspondence today, the spokesperson for the UNMISS force deliberated on the statement made by the council of ministers that the deployment of the protection force elapsed, renewing their rejection to the long awaited deployment of the 4,000 strong regional protection force to South Sudan.

“The United Nations Mission in South Sudan’s attention has been drawn to recent statements reported in the media concerning the deployment of the Regional Protection Force. It may be recalled that the United Nations Security Council in its Resolution 2304 decided that UNMISS force levels should be increased to a ceiling of 17,000 troops, including 4,000 for a Regional Protection Force. This was reaffirmed by the Security Council in its recent Resolution 2327, renewing the United Nations Mission in South Sudan for one year” The statement read.

On January 10, 2017, last week, Kuol Manyang Juuk, South Sudan Minister of Defense commented on social media that the government of South Sudan has a mandate to protect its own citizens, reassuring the international body tasked to oversee South Sudan insecurity to not facilitate deployment of regional force.  In less than no time, Dr. Allia Lomoro, the Cabinet Affair Minister came out plainly on January 12, 2017, disregarding the comment made by Juuk as untrue, and that his government is awaiting the deployment unconditionally.

This contradictory language on the government of South Sudan’s side reassured the international community about the lack of seriousness to the deployment of the protection force by the leadership in charge.   It also stipulates that the leadership under Kiir administration neither does understand the international geopolitical system and how foreign policy works nor lack better understanding of what it means to be a sovereign state.

The January 13, 2017, rejection renewed in the council of ministers meeting is today met with a sharp resistant by the world body on January 15, 2017, prompting the UNMISS to speak out by reaffirming that the security council has already renewed the United Nations Mission in South Sudan for one year, which literally translate to the public that no further more renewal will be renegotiated.

Further, the Mission stated that, “the Transitional Government of National Unity confirmed its “unconditional” consent to the deployment of the Regional Protection Force by communique to the Security Council on 30 November 2016,” indicating that the government of South Sudan must abide by it; and therefore, should only work on identifying areas the force can be deployed to and stationed at inside Juba.

In addition, “In renewing the UNMISS mandate, including the deployment of the Regional Protection Force, the Security Council reaffirmed its determination that the security situation in South Sudan remains fragile, with serious consequences for the civilian population in South Sudan” the statement read.

South Sudan has been caught up in a destructive war brought about due to a poor leadership and lack of national and political will indicating an urgent intervention is needed to rescue South Sudanese mass from suffering.  It is also believed that more than 50, 000 people have since died and more than 2.5 million people displaced to neighboring countries.  With the renewal of the violent conflict in July last year, the number of the displaced is sharply increasing steadily.



Philip Gual: An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.