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Prime Minister David Cameron: The Will of the British People be Respected

LONDON – As the result of the EU Referendum turned out in favor of the Brexiting from the EU, British Prime Minister David Cameron, in his addresses to the people live, stressed that he will step down as the Prime Minister of the British.   The move comes at which time 52% per cent of voters voted in favor of exiting from the EU and 48% per cent against the decision.

Mr. Cameron in his live addresses stipulated that he is going to study the shift, but will not be the steer of the new decision, indicating the new decision of leaving the European Union (EU) would be steered by another leader as the Prime Minister.  The Prime Minister, however, expressed that he has contacted Her Majesty the Queen about his decision of standing down by October 2016, with regard to paving ways for new leadership to follow through with the decision made by the British people.  More news to follow!



Times Wire Staff: