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Japanese troops’ mission to South Sudan extended to 4 months

Japanese soldier helping cleaning rubbish (Japanese ministry of defense photo)

The cabinet of Japan has extended the mandate of Self-Defence Forces (SDF) unit to more than 4 months after their parliament voted on Tuesday to align the troops’ mandate with that of UNMISS in the country.
The japanese troops numbering about 400 in the country came as different units since 2011 to help in the infrastructure building and to secure civilians but with different operational commanders.
However according to the Japanese defence Minister, Akinori Eto the SDF will continue to maintain security and engage in peacekeeping operations during the last months of their stay in South Sudan. He said that the final 3 months of SDF will be used for their withdrawal to allow UN forces to carryon from there.
“Peace and stability in South Sudan are extremely important for the international community,” – Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference SDF’s work has been hindred since the conflict began. the SDF now mainly provide support at U.N. facilities for displaced people seeking refuge from the conflict in Juba and other areas like Bor and Malakal.


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