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Thousands in Calgary Protest Against President Salva Kiir

CALGARY: The demonstrators' banner reads: Step down Salva Kiir for better South Sudan.'Prevent further Genocide (Juba massacre)' in reference to the potential slaughter of Nuer trapped in UN bases in Juba. (Credit: The Upper Nile Times)

CALGARY – Demonstrators carry signs bearing slogans “Stop Genocide,” “Salva Kiir Must Go,” and “President Kiir Must Face ICC”.

Thousands of people attended a demonstration outside city Hall in Calgary Alberta on Monday to protest against South Sudan President and call for an end of Genocide among Nuer Ethnic Group in South Sudan. On December 15th, 2013 President Kiir ordering the killings of thousands of Nuer people to prevent what he believed was a potential coup.

“Salva Kiir, has killed more than 20,000 thousands (Nuer) from December 15th to December 18th, 2013.”
Martha a mother of two lost several of her cousins on December 15th, 2013 in Juba, South Sudan. It is pathetic, she said! Salva Kiir has committed a terrible crime against Nuer People, and he will never get away with it. We are letting the world know that we will never back down or betray our deceased families. Until justice is served and Salva Kiir goes to ICC, no peace in South Sudan, she said.

Looking at the protesters (children included) in a blister cold, one would realize how deeply these people are affected. Some say, they all have their relatives killed cold-bloodedly by Salva Kiir and so they wanted Pres.

The violence displaced 1.5 million people and hundreds of thousands sheltered in the UNMISS Camps. The UN has ruled a total catastrophic situation, should peace fail to materialize.

The Upper Nile Times

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