Tuesday December 12, 2017

Thousands in Calgary Protest Against President Salva Kiir Visit to Washington DC

CALGARY – Demonstrators carry signs bearing slogans “Stop Genocide,” “Salva Kiir Must Go,” and “President Kiir Must Face ICC,” and call on President Obama not to Shake Hand with Genocidal President Salva KiirThousands of people attended a demonstration outside city Hall in Calgary Alberta on Wednesday to protest against South Sudan President visit to Washington DC and call for an end of Genocide among Nuer Ethnic Group in South Sudan. On December 15th, President Kiir ordering the killings of thousands of Nuer people to prevent what he believed was a potential coup.

“They came to learn democracy,” said Pal Thokbuom, Chiarman of the Nuer Community Crisis Committee, referring to African Leaders coming to United States for summit. But one of the burning issues is the coming of President Salva Kiir, along with these leaders Thokbuom added.

Khor Top, Chairman of South Sudanese Community based in Calgary said, “A democracy country like America that allow freedom of speech, press, and a right to living, must not invited war criminals who killed his own people. Khor Top is referring to the visit of President Kiir to United State.

However, Khor Top was echoed by Martha, one of the demonstrators, she said, “Salva Kiir, has killed tens of thousands of his own citizens.” “Why such a person could allow coming to American soil,” she asked? I wonder why Obama administration accepted Salva Kiir’s participation in the African Leaders’ Forum held in the US” asked Martha continued. Martha a mother of two lost several of her cousins on December 15th, 2013 in Juba, South Sudan. It is pathetic, she said! Salva Kiir has committed a terrible crime against Nuer People, and he will never get away with it. We are letting the world know that we will never back down or betray our deceased families. Until justice is served and Salva Kiir goes to ICC, no peace in South Sudan, she said.

Looking at the protesters (children included) in a blister heat, one would realize how deeply these people are affected. Some say, they all have their relatives killed cold-bloodedly by Salva Kiir and so they wanted Pres. Salva Kiir to be out of the presidency. “In order to experience peace and calm, Kiir must go. He lost legitimacy and cannot continue to rule. He is a murderer and he deserves to be in jail,” said Stephen Yang, Chairman of South Sudanese Advocacy Group.

Also, Stephen Tombe, Chairman of Greater Equatorian Community based in Calgary, referred to President Kiir as “criminal, murderer, corrupts, and power hungry person. He does not have leadership skills and so he deserves to be removed from power”

Nhial Korow, Chairman of the Nuer Supreme Council, a political Think Tank advocating for the right of South Sudanese, and in particular, Nuer society, “condemned Salva Kiir for killing 20,000 plus Nuers, and strongly urged Pres. Obama to respect the right of South Sudanese.” The right of South Sudanese is to remove Salva Kiir from power and face justice for he lost touch with reality. An animal goes to the Zoo once it has become dangerous, and so Kiir must go to ICC where necessary.

The violence displaced 1.5 million people and hundreds of thousands sheltered in the UNMISS Camps. The UN has ruled a total catastrophic situation, should peace fail to materialize.

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