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The First SPLM-IO Convention in Canada Took Place, February 28-March 1, 2015 at Afro Top & Bar Restaurant

South Sudanese Youth during the independence day celebration in Juba (credit: GETTY/AFP)

CALGARY – Attended by 54 delegates from across Canada, the convention marked the first democratically elected office of the SPLM-IO in Canada. The participants of this important event had expressed excitement with lots of ululate.

One of the themes adopted in this convention was  “a call for Salva Kiir to step down in order to give peace a chance.” The convention took two consecutive days, and the turnout was subsequently the same. The total number of participants including the delegates from other cities was 300 plus people. “Salva Kiir Must Go,” they said.

The group had demanded release of the Africa Union Panel Report to be published as soon as possible. “If the Africa Union is not failing the South Sudanese, therefore, they must answer to the call and aspiration of the South Sudanese as required. We want peace, but we want justice and accountability for the death of more than 50,000 people” they uttered. Among the elected positions were SPLM-IO Canada Coordinator, SPLM-IO Youth League, and SPLM-IO Women League in Canada.

The second day was marked by a tough competition energizing the staunch supporters of Dr. Riek’s call for democracy to be the system of governance by having to adopt Federalism across the country.

The event was ended by declaring the winners, and the following were John Jock Dawech for the position of Country Coordinator, Nyanchar Puok Wang, as a Chairlady for Country Women League in Canada, and Gatluak Kayier Bichiok, as a Chairperson for Youth League in Canada. An oath of allegiance was presided over by the outgoing Country Coordinator, Mr. Yang Chuol Luak who served for seventh months organizing the cities chapters, Mr. Lual Mathok, the SPLM-IO Canada representative.

“You are elected to carry out the SPLM-IO mandates and to actually embrace democracy in a Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan,” the message read.

Therefore, you shall answer to the South Sudanese victim by showing to the world that our system is different from that of dictator Salva Kiir, and shall therefore, be an example to the rest of the world.



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