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South Sudanese in Canada Hold a Conference on Refugee Crisis

It's time for our recap panel! Such an amazing day of conversation and learning at #givemeachance #SouthSudan #yyc @GDforSS @AmnestyNow

CBC NEWS – Majority of South who are resident in Canada are living in Alberta particularly Calgary and Edmonton. South Sudanese diaspora in Canada are struggling as they watch their home country drag into civil war.

Nhial K. Wicleek is a country director for humanitarian that help INDPs that are trap in POCs in Juba, Upper Nile, Jonglie and Unity State.

ROSS Director Nhial K. Wicleek

Nhial K. Wicleek, ROSS country director for Canada, is starting his presentation on the current situation in #SouthSudan #givemeachance #yyc

Members of the South Sudanese community hosted a conference in Calgary Saturday to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis.

“Tabitha Biel now lives in Edmonton. She came to Canada about five years ago and knows many who are trapped amid violence. She says it’s been a struggle to hear of deaths in her family and the suffering of family and friends back home,” according to CBC NEWS.

“It’s such a stressful life here and I don’t mean that this is not a wonderful place, but you know, you’re here, you’re here but part of you is just, hurting, hurting. You feel like you can do something. And that’s why we’re here today, to really do something, because that’s all we can do at this moment,” she added.

Gatluak Bichiok one of the MC says during the past three years of civil conflict, the Alberta community raised funds on their own and now he hopes the federal government will step in.

“I’m proud of the initiative Justin Trudeau took in bringing Syrians and so I’m hoping he will not give South Sudanese a cold shoulder.”

Joyce Paul, who now lives in Calgary, spoke during the conference about the suffering of women and girls.

“We feel that we in South Sudan have been ignored for some time. So we wanted the Canadian government to really assist us. That’s why we’re here today,” she said.
Organizers say Alberta’s Finance Minister Joe Ceci attended the conference, but they did not hear back from federal officials.

It’s time for our recap panel! Such an amazing day of conversation and learning at #givemeachance #SouthSudan #yyc @GDforSS @AmnestyNow

Members who attended ROSS CONFERENCE CALGARY, AB

1.6 million internally displaced people and 1 million refugees – UN report on South Sudan @GDforSS #givemeachance #yyc
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