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“Actions speak louder than words” – US told Marial Benjamin

WASHINGTON – A high level South Sudanese delegation to the United States were told that their actions must carry more weights than the nice words they are trying to convey to the Obama government.
Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations convened a meeting with the South Sudanese delegation led by Foreign Minister, Dr Bernaba Marial Benjamin today in what the government in Juba called a make or break to lobby countries against the looming sanctions on the regime and the rebels. Marial told the US ambassador that the government in Juba is ready for peace and that only rebels are trying to use other means of settling military scores by attacking their positions. Power however was not moved by the accusations and said that the government of Salva should show ways of resolving the conflict rather than relying on propaganda and accusations. She said that US will not stand on the way of sanctions targetting all the parties.

“South Sudan knows what it must do: end war and open access to aid efforts. Those who fuel conflict should face sanctions. the World is watching. govt must show it’s ending the war not fueling it.” Samantha Power said.

Dr Marial is leading a group of government officials whose task was to thwart sanctions mostly aimed against the regime. their tour included visitation to UK, Norway, Russia and China.
The statement by the US official put a dent on the optimism previously garnered by the regime in their plans for the worldwide anti-sanctions tour.


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