Tuesday December 12, 2017

UGANDA denied having urged South Sudan rebels to drop their demands

KAMPALA – A Ugandan senior official has categorically denied recent reports that President Museveni has told the SPLM in Opposition leaders on a recent visit to Uganda that asking for more executive powers on the government of Salva Kiir is a huge demand and a redline to the peace negotiation.
Gen Caleb Akandwanaho Salim Saleh in a phone conversation with The Upper Nile Times’ Fred Akunda disclosed that the recent meeting between President Museveni and the SPLM in Opposition representative was more about facts finding mission then imposition of ideas. He categorically denied recent media reports as untrue and that Museveni was not in position to talk or draw redlines on behalf of the government of South Sudan.

“Our meeting was cordial and sympathetical. We just want to make sure that peace returns to South Sudan and the peace must be brought about using talks currently ongoing and not throught the barrels of guns. President Museveni made it clear that he wants peace to return to South Sudan and that normalcy is restored so that people go about their lives as normal so that they can care about development issues. We did not tell the group of the opposition to drop their demands whatsoever. thats not our task. IGAD is there to negotiate all these things. we just told them to come together as one group because the future of South Sudan is in their hands.” Saleh said.

Gen Saleh is the head of the peace committee organised by President Museveni to bring peace to South Sudan by unifying warring factions of the SPLM party. His group and Museveni also met with the group of the former detainees and President Salva Kiir recently in Entebe (Uganda).


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President Museveni met SPLM in Opposition delegation

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