Wednesday December 13, 2017

Deadly Ebola vaccines Will Not be developed , Scientists say

World Health organisation preparing for protections
KAMPALA – Scientists dealing with the researching of the deadly  ebola virus claimed that vaccines dealing with the prevention of the infectious ebola disease will never be discovered. 
The lethal disease caused havoc in Juba recently after cases of infection were reported in the Uganda’s capital Kampala. Many feel that given the many Ugandan traders in Juba, the disease might eventually be brought to Juba since there are no health measures put in place by the Government.
Ebola is a frightening disease that causes a severe haemorrhagic fever, and its victims bleed internally and externally. The disease was named after a river in Congo. 
The United States government has been the sole funder to the initiative. but recently withdrawn to continue with its funding commitment due to constraints in budget. There were trials made by two companies (Sarepta and Tekmira) for several vaccines but were only found to be active in animals. But without money, scientists admitted that, the success of more discovery and trials on humans will not be realisable. 
The disease killed about 16 people in Uganda since the outbreak in recent weeks. The disease has a high percentage chance of killing a patient it contacted. 
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