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18 Kenyan students to commit suicide this month if Obama fails to visit them

President Obama addressed a crowd of 500 young sub-Saharan Africans, fellows of his administration’s Young African Leaders Initiative (Credit: WhiteHouseGov)

NAIROBI – President Obama’s first visit to Kenya, the birthplace of his father, become a sensation among Kenyan. In May, Felix Kiprono, a lawyer in Nairobi, Kenya, had his eye on President Obama’s daughter Malia. He offered to win her hand by offering fifty cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats.

Felix told the Nairobian newspaper “People might say I am after the family’s money, which is not the case. My love is real.”

Yesterday, Nairobi University student leader, Babu Owino released a letter to US Ambassador Robert Godec to Kenya saying “Eighteen University of Nairobi students have threatened to commit suicide if US President Barack Obama fails to visit the campus.”

In the letter, Owino warned that 31 female students would urinate on a tree planted by the US President at the university in 2006, when he was Illinois Senator.

“Male students will do worse. This will be catastrophic, calamitous and cataclysmic. God forbid,” Owino said in the letter released on Monday.

“It saddens our hearts that President Barack Obama is not scheduled to visit the great UoN,” he added. “I therefore honorably appeal to Obama to visit,” he continued.

Owino requested US Ambassador to appeal to Obama to visit the university, saying they will listen to him at any time of day or night.

He said students and lecturers are eagerly waiting for the US President’s address at Taifa Hall.

On July 3rd, President Barack Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, known as Mama Sarah, vowed to cook a traditional meal for her grandson when he visits Kenya.

‘With regards to what food I will prepare for Barack on his visit, I will prepare all the traditional food available,’ she said.

“It does not matter whether Barack is a senator or a president – he will have what I have prepared,” she continue


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