Tuesday December 12, 2017

IO military officials in Unity state demands the release of James Gatdet before setting the foreign plane in their custody free

Kenyan plane landing in Jonglei South Sudan FILE PHOTO

BENTIU – South Sudan’s armed faction of the IO has demanded the immediate release of James Gatdet Dak, the SPLMIO chairman’s spokesperson before they set the plane in their custody free.

The armed IO faction in Panyijiar county of Unity State had this week stranded and held hostage a Tanzanian branded plane which carried a government commissioner, a senior government commander, a Tanzanian pilot and a few other government dignitaries.

“They have James Gatdet Dak in their custody without charges. in fact they kidnapped him from the corrupt government of Kenya and up to now, we don’t know where he is? He must be released before this plane its passengers are set free.” – James Tuol, an area guard in charge of the plane told this paper.

The government in Unity State did not elaborate the reason behind the landing of the plane in the rebels stronghold nor did they make any effort to demand for the commissioner’s release.




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