Tuesday December 12, 2017

The Fire Within: Written by Nyabuoy Gatbel

CALGARY – Born in refugee camp and grew up till the age of 8, Nyabuay Gatbel Puoch was one of a privileged young lady who has shown light into to the outside world.  Her poetry book “The Fire Within” is one of the most magnificent books you would ever like to read.

The most interesting part about this book is that it brings two worlds together; meaning those who would want to read it in Nuer would enjoy the beauty of this book.  Whereas, those that only read English would be able to come across these astonishing stories about life, conquer, slavery, genocide, and being a bystander while genocide was taking place.

In her book launch today at Parkdale United Church, Calgary, Alberta, Ms. Puoch has won the heart of many with her stories.  Those in attendance were so touched.   Although engaged in a deeper conversation, the reality of what Nyabuay has addressed in her book made many speechless.  It was a life changing experience to those who participated today.  Most have not known about the genocide that took place and continue to rage on until these days in South Sudan.  However, those that knew about it were phenomenally amazed about the great work Ms. Puoch has done.  When asked what made you to write this book? “Who could do that” she answered.

For those who did not attend this book launch, the book has a lot to learn from, and you would be amazed if you would go through this can read.

For somebody like Nyabuay who immigrated to Canada at a young age is quite an achievement.  Since she is still at her adult youth, her fashion for writing and for putting her works into books is inspirational to not only South Sudanese youth living in western world, but also the entire youth all over across the world.  Her humanness and perspectives about life brings you to see life differently.

It is true that what is happening in South Sudan is not something out of blue, but very presumptuous given all that being done by Juba Government against her own citizens.  Piecing doubts together will help you arrive to conclusion; a conclusion that would allow you to say it was genocide.

It was seen in Rwanda, the Syrians are going through it, the Arab spring degenerated through it, and the South Sudanese blessed it by their backwardness.  How could South Sudanese move pass it?


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