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Refugees Insisted to Remain in Nyinenyang Camps, While UN Prefers Penyido or Tapere for Relocation

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir addresses a news conference at the presidential palace in Juba, Dec. 16, 2013, after clashes between rival factions.(Credit: Reuters)


GAMBELLA – The UN refugees agency UNHCR plus I .O .M are planning for the relocation of South Sudanese refugees currently settling in Nyinnyang to eastern part of Gambella which has been seen as more suitable than the current location.

More than 57,000 south Sudanese refugees who fled the country after December 15 mostly from greater Upper Nile are living in Nyinenyang. A town closes to South Sudan boarder.

According to one of the refugees who spoke to Upper Nile Time on the phone say that the camps rejected the move made by the UN to relocate the camps to eastern part of Gambella which has been seen as a threat to the refugees population, saying that the area is insecure and the host community is hostile.

Before the end of South Sudan civil war with the Sudan, Tepare camp had been the home of South Sudanese refugees who fled the war in South Sudan after two and half decades but many problems faces refuges from Anyuak host community of which several refuges were killed during clashes which occurred between refugees and host community.

After fighting in south Sudan, Many refugees mostly from Nuer tribe and Shilluuk are settle in Ethiopia S.Sudanborder and hosted by Nuer community who are from Ethiopia. It seems the relationship between the host community and refugees is very smooth due to the Fact that they all have different background and the same customs and culture.

Because of the area of being so low and swampy, the place is flooding during the rainy season and many people move to higher grounds which affect the lives of people and animals. Thus the refugees are facing the same situation and the rains are at the corner the UN main body is urging the refugees to understand the situation and move quickly as much as they could for betterment of their life.

East part of Gambella is far better than Western part because of its hilly and mountainous land. There is no any threat for the flooding.

The host community from Eastern Nuer is so supporting the idea and step made by the refuges to remain there due to the services they are getting from the camps including free education and free medical services which are provided by the UN agencies. The coordinator for humanitarians affairs in South Sudan Peter Gatwech Kulang said that he had acknowledge for the relocation of Refugees but decline to comment because he is not the right person on the Ethiopian side.


Tekle Mariam

A Senior news correspondent for The Upper Nile Times based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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