Monday December 11, 2017

IGAD is confident of a new and inclusive South Sudan government in 60 days

Dr Riek shaking hands with Museveni FILE PHOTO
ADDIS ABAB – IGAD secretariats and members of mediators team in Addis Ababa have a renewed confidence about the formation of an interim government in South Sudan after the two warring parties to South Sudan conflict met on Tuesday to recommit to the cessation of hostilities they signed on May 9.
Sources close to the mediating team disclosed that an inclusive transitional government will be formed without major hurdles in the negotiation process if the negotiators on the both side of the conflict start with the commitment their leaders have shown on Tuesday. 
“The next round of talk will not be easy because a lot of things are to be discussed. These include: who will lead the transitional government, how the government will be structured, how the two armies can be amalgamated and more importantly the duration of the interim period and the general election” – Mediation staff who preferred to remain anonymous disclosed.
In another development,President Museveni on his arrival in Kampala reiterated in a press conference that UPDF, the sticking foreign forces in the conflict will eventually leave South Sudan as demanded by the rebels. 
“we went to South Sudan to prevent that country’s collapse. Now that our brothers have decided to settle their differences peacefully, UPDF will be prepared to withdraw for good from South Sudan. we are happy that they finally agreed to a deal. They will have an election and whoever wins that election, we will work with him” – Museveni said. 
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Rebels and IGAD mediators trade blames over collapse of peace talks

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