Monday December 11, 2017

PM of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi is in ‘a good condition and recuperating’: Government Spokesman Bereket Simon said

Meles Zenawi, late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, captured during the Grow Africa: Transforming African Agriculture Session at the World Economic Forum on Africa held in Addis Ababa (Credit: Flickr)


ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who has ruled the country for 22 years was widely speculated by the opposition figures that, the country’s strong man was dead. The speculations spread rapidly via social media when the 57-year-old prime minister was absent from African Union summit in Addis Ababa.  
There were reports that Mr. Meles was in the hospital in Belgium, suffering from a stomach complaint.
On Wednesday, the government spokesman dismissed the allegations that Meles Zenawi is dead as ‘unfounded speculation’ and he said that the premier was alive and recovering from his illness.”
“We do not want to respond to every speculation. This is a politically motivated rumors aimed at creating instability in the country,” Mr. Bereket added.
However according to BBC, Bereket Simon declined to give any details about Mr Meles’ whereabouts or what he is suffering from.
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi came to power in 1991 when his rebel movement ousted out of the communist government under the leadership of Mengistu Haile Mariam.
Brief Biography of Meles Zenawi
Meles was born May 8, 1955 in Adwa, Tigray in Northern Ethiopia, to an Ethiopian father from Adwa, Ethiopia, and a mother from Adi Quala, Eritrea. He graduated from the General Wingate high school in Addis Ababa, then studied medicine at Addis Ababa University (at the time known as Haile Selassie University) for two years before interrupting his studies in 1975 to join the TPLF.
While a member of the Tigrayan Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF), he founded the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray. His first name at birth was “Legesse” (thus Legesse Zenawi) but he is better known by his nom de guerre Meles. He later changed his first name to “Meles” in honor of a University student and a revolutionary radical who was executed by the previous government in 1975.
The TPLF was one of many armed groups struggling against Lieutenant Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam. Zenawi was elected Leader of the Leadership Committee in 1979 and Leader of the Executive Committee in 1983. He has been the chairperson of both the TPLF and the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) since the EPRDF assumed power at the end of the Ethiopian Civil War in 1991. He was president of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia (TGE), during which Eritrea seceded from the country and the experiment of ethnic federalism started.
The Upper Nile Times
Tekle Mariam

A Senior news correspondent for The Upper Nile Times based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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