Monday December 11, 2017

Ethiopian forces launched a major offensive on their rebels inside South Sudan territory

GAMBELLA – On Tuesday a fierce and intensive fighting occured between the Ethiopian regional special forces or EPRDF and the rebels of Ethiopia in South Sudan territoy, North East of Pagak in Maiwut County Upper Nile state.

Speaking on the phone from Gambella,The deputy representative of the SPLM in opposition of the regional Ethiopia Mr Bang Hoth told this news paper that the rebels from Ethiopia are being monitored for the past months by EPRDF and SPLM-i-O fighters adding that the rebels’ move is traced from Poshalla to Jior where they were going to cross to South Sudan to Mere and Pule in order to launch and attack Pagak military base and consequently penetrate to Gambella (Ethiopia).

South Sudan government and Eritrea are supplying weapons to the rebels in order to interrupt the upcoming general election in Ethiopia according Mr.Hoth.

“About 2000 Ethiopian rebel force are on the move to try to cross from Ethiopia to South Sudan land to put up their bases. EPRDF monitored their movement and that was when some of these rebels North east of Pagak came under attack from Ethiopian forces” Bang added.

Ethiopian rebels forces are believed to be comprised of ethnic groups Orommia, Opo, Nuer, Anyuak and murley, the representative. The group are lead by former Ethiopian governor of Gambella under Dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam.

Two rebel soldiers were killed in yesterday fighting where the Ethiopia Special forces and regional forces halted the advancement of the attackers.

From yesterday, Ethiopian Government responded by sending huge number of troops to be deployed across South Sudan boarder and also to pursue the rebels and make mountain to mountain search where the rebels are hiding.

Yesterday’s battle took place at Mere and Pula areas where the rebels were pushed back to Monychuol area according to Mr.Hoth.

South Sudan government has since denied any support to Ethiopian rebels who are in most cases operate in South Sudan’s territory and opened military training camps there.

South Sudan Rebels in the other hand have been accusing Juba of harboring the rebels from Ethiopia which they thought is a threat to the whole region of East Africa.


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