Tuesday December 12, 2017

Ethiopian forces discovered more rebel bases inside South Sudan

GAMBELLA – Ethiopian forces, the EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary and Democratic Front) have claimed to have discovered more Ethiopian rebels areas and bases inside South Sudan after a “successful” operation last week to clear out former Mengistu Haile Mariam fighters in the area.
Ato Geshu Teshome, a colonel for the Ethiopian forces told the Upper Nile Times that EPRDF found a training camp used the by the Ethiopian rebels at Maban County (south sudan) in Doro village.

“we have found this camp after an operation last week (pointing to an area). what we have learnt from the people captured indicated that after these forces are graduated, they will be despatched to Benshangul (Ethiopia) and Gambella to attack those places and penetrate through. We will engage them while inside South Sudan until they are no more” Teshome said.

Teshome also said that the rebels have bases and training camps in Eastern Equatoria state. He also said EPRDF found another training camp in Pochala County. Adding that the aim of the Pochala bases soldiers is meant to attack Joor of Ethiopia to penetrate South ward anytime soon.



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Ethiopian forces launched a major offensive on their rebels inside South Sudan territory

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