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Dr. YOSSEF BEN-MEIR: Moroccan Cultu...

Dr. YOSSEF BEN-MEIR: Moroccan Cultural Preservation and the Jewish Experien...

By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir Morocco’s vision of sustainability In the Kingdom of Morocco, there are a number of sustainable development programs and policies that display innovation and promote social solidarity.  These participatory democratic initiatives are designed to catalyze people’s... FULL STORY »

DR. RIANG ZUOR: What are the Ordina...

DR. RIANG ZUOR: What are the Ordinary South Sudanese Fighting for?

KAMPALA – A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook in which a Kenyan disrespectfully referred to the people of South Sudan as “…the silliest…” for fighting among themselves. He did this without making any analysis to show his understanding of the reasons for the war before reaching... FULL STORY »

Trump’s Order 13768 and How It’s Ge...

Trump’s Order 13768 and How It’s Getting Rid of Visa Holders & Immigra...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Amanda Berkshire San Diego: (619) 677-5727 Email: SAN DIEGO – Immigration Expert Steven Riznyk Comments on Trump’s Order 13768 and How It’s Getting Rid of Visa Holders and Immigrants Who Have no Idea it... FULL STORY »

26 Somalis die of starvation as Hol...

26 Somalis die of starvation as Hollywood steps in

MOGADISHU – Radio Mogadishu has reported that at least 26 people have died of starvation in Somalia’s southern region of Jubaland, in the past 36 hours. The government-owned radio station said regional interior minister and drought committee chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein had announced... FULL STORY »

ISIS, South Sudan Using Child Soldiers To Fight in Civil War. Will Washington and UN Help?

As the Trump administration hashes out its policy on South Sudan, some fear the country’s child soldiers are running out of time. It was just before dark, and Charles was pulling weeds... FULL STORY »

‘Big Bang Theory’ Officially Renewed for Two Seasons as Mayim Bialik, Melissa ...

‘The Big Bang Theory’ The pickup takes the CBS/Warner Bros. Television comedy through season 12. Broadcast TV’s No. 1 comedy isn’t going anywhere. CBS and producers... FULL STORY »

JOHN SUNDAY MARTIN: Lt. General Thomas Cirilo should alliance with SPLM-IO to bring the su...

PAGAK – The decision of Lt. General Thomas Cirillo to disassociate himself from the SPLM-IG and to become part of the struggle for the free South Sudan is much welcomed and this is... FULL STORY »

J. NGUEN NYOL: Mistake Any Armed Opposition MUST not Do

SASKATOON – South Sudan has been at war by itself since 15 of December 2013. This internal strife sent the new country to a new low and finally to a failed state status by all... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Crisis – Looming Famine In South Sudan

South Sudan Crisis – In the midst of a devastating famine that is threatening nearly half its population, South Sudan has hiked the work permits fees for foreign aid workers by 100-fold. The... FULL STORY »

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