Monday November 20, 2017

Under UNSC Resolution 2206, War crime suspects in South Sudan will not escape – US warns

John kerry (Photo: Business insider)

WASHINGTON – The United States’ Department of State has sent out a stern warning to South Sudan’s warring factions on Saturday that its no more a business as usual at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and that a UN Resolution 2206 calling for immediate sanctions on people impeding peace implementation will soon be quickly activated.

The State department said that the International Community “has had enough” and enough number of countries with veto powers have thrown their support behind an immediate sanctions, assert freezes and arms embargo in the next round of UNSC meeting.

The US warning came in the backdrop of the ongoing clashes between the opposition forces and Government in South Sudan’s Equatoria region.

The US earlier on Friday called on both sides of the conflict to cease hostilities and stop “unnnecessary fighting” in Central Equatoria. A call which was also echoed by IGAD.



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