Monday December 11, 2017

Upper Nile: UN official visit IDPs sheltered at UN protection sites in Malakal


MALAKAL – Moustapha Soumaré (The United Nations Deputy Special Representative for South Sudan) visited UNMISS in Malakal today. Soumaré met with local officials and community leaders of more than 26,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) who are being sheltered by the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The recent fighting between the forces loyal to Johnson Oliny (a renegade militia general) fighting on the side of Juba – faction and Dinka youths backed by SPLA – Juba soldiers triggered an influx of more than 46,000 new IDPs into the UN protection sites in Malakal. Oliny’s deputy, a Shilluk was ambushed and killed along with his 14 bodyguards by Dinka soldiers in what sparked a bloody confrontation between the two loyal forces.

According to a UN spokesperson, as many as 10,000 civilians comprised of Shilluk and Dinka have moved from Melut to Fashoda arrived in Malakal protection sites. Malakal UNMISS already shelters more than 22,000 IDPs

At the press conference today in New York (The UN headquarters), the UN spokesperson said, Moustapha Soumaré, toured the Mission’s two protection sites, as well as an extension site currently under construction to relieve overcrowding at the existing facilities for displaced people.

Mr. Soumaré said he was impressed by the progress made in the building of a new extension that will host these recently arrived civilians, as well as other people who have been under UN protection for many months.

The UN’s Mission in South Sudan is currently sheltering more than 117,000 displaced people throughout the world’s youngest nation, which is the highest number since December 2013, when this current crisis started.

South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011 after a referendum in which over 98% voted to secede. South Sudan is a vast mix of grassland and tropical rain forests.

On December 15th to 18th the tensions between supporters of President Kiir (Presidential Guards), of the Dinka ethnic group, and Mr. Machar, of the Nuer ethnic group, exploded into violence in the capital city of Juba and quickly spread elsewhere. President Kiir’s Presidential Guards killed more than 20 thousands Nuer civilians.

Philip Gual

An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.

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