Wednesday December 13, 2017

Ugandan traders losing businesses in South Sudan


JUBA – The ongoing civil war has taken a huge toll on foreign businesses. Many traders who had been doing booming businesses in South Sudan are now regretting the current political dispute in south Sudan that have forced them to leave the country and abandoning their luxurious businesses due to fear of being killed.
Kallima Stephen who used to be a textile trader in Juba said that the ongoing conflict has affected his business negatively. He added that doing a business in an unsecured place is easy for individual to lose his/her life and properties.

“First of all the conflict is affecting the traders and the investors in South Sudan….traders and investors are fearing of losing their life and properties which has led to the decline of trade in different sectors…It is the one that let us to leave Juba because we feel insecure”, Stephen explained.

Kallima accused the neighbouring countries of not doing enough to ensure that peace prevail in that country instead focus on their own interest alone.

“Secondly, instead of neighbouring countries of south Sudan to send troops to involve in fighting like Uganda, they should have get involved in bringing the two parties in peace agreement because military intervention cannot bring peace since they are also involved in the combating fields”, Kallima added.

The business man blamed Nuer and Dinka for not remembering how they struggled together as a group in achieving the independent of South Sudan, instead of now ending up confronting each other.

“If the two largest tribes were united in struggling for independent, why the two are now fighting for power”? he asked.

Stephen also lamented that, one position should not be the one that let the two communities to butchered one another, saying that the number of people who lost their lives in that conflict is more important than the post of president.

“They should have come on the negotiating table and find a solution on how to share the cake equally instead of resorting in to physical battering”. He suggested.

He also accused UNMISS of not just keeping the IDPs in their camps, but should work on how to bring the two warring group together to end the conflict since it is an international peace keeping mission.

“Is the United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) mandate is to only keep people in the Protection of Civilian Sites (POC)”? I don’t think so, they have a bigger mandate than this. In fact its good to keep the vulnerables at their Sites but they need to involve seriously in bringing peace by first stopping the government and rebel to continue with the war”, stephen said.

UNIMISS, since the eruption of war within the SPLM party last year has opened their compounds to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) across the country where they are having bases.
Kallima Stephen is one of the Ugandan traders who lost their businesses in the earlier eruption of the conflict. He said that South Sudan is no longer a viable place for business as fear of traders killing or robbery without justice becomes an order of the day.



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