Monday December 11, 2017

The international rescue committee for Red Cross or ICRC to take over primary health care in Maiwut County, Adar State

MAIWUT – The acting county health  director(CHD) Mr. Buay Girwath Dojiok tell this newspaper yesterday on the phone  that the county health department signs a memorandum of understanding with the international of red cross to take over the primary health care in all the county health centres in the coming May.

The M.O.U stated that the organization would take over the work on the 1st may 2015 to cover the entire county of Maiwut. The local population is expecting to benefit a lot from this program me because there has been poor health services in the county for all this time. Some organizations that has been providing health service such as GOAL and Care international  are not reaching the local people at the villages  where the wide gaps  remain unclosed and  many people end up without getting medical services, said Mr. Girwath.

The international of Red Cross that has been dealing with war affected population as well as the war wounded soldiers accept its extension of services in the county in order to cover the Eastern Nuer population.

The organization has never been in Maiwut county before, but came on the ground when the Juba incident occurred on 15 December 2013 where majority of people fled the war town of Malakal and take refuge in Eastern part of Adar state close to Ethiopia border for humanitarian intervention.

The decision is well come by the entire community of Maiwut especially the women and young children who have been suffering all this time with Malaria and other disease like. Said Mr. Buay.

The organization also agreed to pay the local health workers who are now running the hospital since the begging of the crises in Juba, Girwath added.


Times Wire Staff

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