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South Sudan troops created road blocks, prevented UN from visiting a scene of a potential massacre in Pajok

YAMBIO – In another grave sign of ethnic cleansing in Eastern Equatoria State town of Pajok, government troops were accused of covering murders and preventing access to UN who for the past three days attempted 4 times to reach the town. According to the UNMISS, government troops and allied militias created road blocks on the main roads leading to the town and forcibly threatened to shoot at UNMISS convoy trying to go past the barriers.

On Sunday, government forces carried out attacks on unarmed civil population in Pajok centre where more than 2000 people were sheltered. According to local residents, the army set ablaze the main buildings in the town and killed residents who attempted to flee. In Pajok’s primary school, a teacher by the name Salah Charles was gunned down by the soldiers along with 5 pupils who were rounded up in the class. On Monday, the town was completely deserted with thousands fleeing to the bush. The attack left hundreds dead which included shop keepers and two pastors.

The government forces however decided to collect the deads on Tuesday morning and dump them in Atepi River.

Witness accounts by survivors in Uganda recounted that atleast a thousand could have been killed as the forces shot and run down anyone trying to flee.

The UNMISS up to the writing of this report continues to beg for permission from Juba so as to get to the scene. But the government in Juba is still dodging the request which prompted the UNMISS to think there is a possible massacre the government is trying to hide. The government spokesman however denied any deaths in Pajok saying it could be an isolated bandits attack in the town, and pointing fingers to the NAS rebels headed by Gen Thomas Cirilo.


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