Wednesday December 13, 2017

Rebel commanders receive Arusha deal with a fist

JONGLEI – South Sudan rebels commanders allied to former Vice President, Dr Riek Machar have described the recent Intra-SPLM agreement between the three rival party leaders as “politicians thing which cannot change the landscape of the war on the ground”.

The commanders who preferred not to be named in order to speak freely without repercussions from the rebels leadership said at their military base in Waat ( Jonglei State) that their cause will not change “doesn’t matter how many deals are signed by the politicians to come together”

“As far as we are concerned, the crisis started because one community is not needed in the whole of South Sudan. Salva Kiir want to finish the Nuer people. Because if he didn’t like Dr Riek as a person, he should have deal with Riek and not his community. Kiir killed thousands and thousands of innocent Nuer people who are not members of SPLM, neither do they know the political reason they were killed for……….We take this war seriously and until Salva Kiir is gone and answer for the death of children, elderly and every other Nuer he killed in cold blood in 2013, the fighting will not end.” , one of the commanders told The Upper Nile Times.

Rival factions of the ruling South Sudanese SPLM party signed an accord on Thursday vowing to reunite the SPLM and democratise the controversial 32 year old party. The groups agreed to work together and usher the country from the 13 months conflict to peace.
The agreement as seen by the Upper Nile Times however lacks important details as there is no mention of who will lead the rejuvenated party since a constitution is agreed to be drafted which will reset the party again to democracy. There is also no mention of how the group will work together since most of the warring party members such as SPLM-I-O and G11 live in neighbouring countries and not the party headquarter in Juba.
The rebels commanders are however unmoved by the deal.

“They can sign what they want and even go to Juba and eat in the same plates, we have no problems with that. Our case and their case are different. We will not move away without pursuing the killers of our people.” One highly agitated commander said.

Analysts believed that the intra-SPLM deal present a good opportunity for peace agreement negotiated by the IGAD in the neighbouring Ethiopia.



Times Wire Staff

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