Monday December 11, 2017

Opposition conference in Pagak to officialy kickstart on Sunday

Gen Koang Chuol (left) in Pagak. PHOTO: Gatluke Reat

PAGAK – The highly anticipated meeting of the SPLM In Opposition, a rebel group allied to the former vice president Dr Riek Machar is set to resume tomorrow nearly a week behind the schedule after hiccups in transportation of delegates to the border town of Pagak.
The conference which will bring high profile opposition members together for the first since the conflict started is expected to deliver on the peace efforts and proposals presented by IGAD to South Sudan warring parties three weeks ago.
IGAD has since the delayment caused by the opposition’s inability to come together quickly enough has shifted the deadline for talks to December 30.

So far in Pagak, most high ranking rebel generals have arrived as far away as unity state, western bhar el ghazal, central equatoria state, Jonglei among others.
The meeting also has the presence of Troika members (US, UK and Norway) as well as representatives of IGAD who came to witness the respond of rebels to peace proposals.
The conference according to the organisers will take atleast 6 days. the first day will be devoted to welcoming guests and generals from the warfield. The second day will tackle the issue of power sharing among others.
The South Sudan remote town of Pagak is filled to the brink according to the organisers and security has since been so tight. Ethiopian army are said to be providing security pertaining to aerial threats while the opposition fighters are tasked to deal with ground offensives in case of any attacks.


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