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Measure Military Defection hits Salva Kiir’s Camp

PARIANG – A measure military defection from Salva Kiir’s military ranks and files have hit Division Four in Pariang, Unity State on Sunday January 7, 2017.  The defectors under the command of Maj. Gen. Mabiel Kulang has broken ranks/files with 300 strong soldiers and joined the force allied to Dr. Machar, the Chairman of the SPLM/A-IO in Unity State.

According to our correspondence who spoke on condition of animosity stated “I have been in contact with the Unity State division to ensure the reason for defection was cleared.  However, the unfortunate reason was uttered differently.  Some members were saying, Salva Kiir’s administration together with his newly appointed First Vice President Taban Deng Gai, have engaged in using the people of South Sudan for their own political interest.  The duos are not ready to bring peace to South Sudan as alleged on multiple media outlets” the source said.

On a separate occasion, our correspondence has since been connecting with the SPLA-IO on the ground to further collect more detail as more defections are allegedly thought to be taking place in division four.

Unity States has been the hardest hit by the ongoing conflict for this past three years.  It is believed that defection of more soldiers will bring to end the kleptocratic rule, restore rule of law, and allow South Sudan to regain a sustainable peace as both Salva Kiir and his cronies will be out of power this year.  Stay tune!



Philip Gual: An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.