Wednesday December 13, 2017

Juba will Fall Soon as Economy is Hurt Pretty Badly

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir addresses a news conference at the presidential palace in Juba, Dec. 16, 2013, after clashes between rival factions. (Credit: Reuters)

JUBA – “The forex” is finished, said Carlo Lokudu, and native of Central Equatoria. I have been looking for dollars, but they are nowhere to be found.

One of the issues now is the current sanction that starts to hurt the economy, making the pounds worthless. If you were to go to Juba market, you will find nothing compared to how busy it used to be. The traders are leaving on a daily occasion; the hotels are deserted and going to have no people any time soon.

Many of the Juba residents started to blame the government for failing to accept peace and for its strange stance that does not support the economic situation. The leadership is out of its sense and resorted to selfish interest which will never save the government from collapsing.

John Igbo Mako, a Nigerian trader based in Juba said, it would have been better if Dr. Riek Machar, had taken the lead. Salva Kiir has no vision of running the government. The only thing he carries about is the power and the evil black hat he is carrying on his head. He is very incompetent. Thanks God, I am out of the country, and so I can speak freely. It is very traumatic to say the least of what had transpired on December 15-18, 2013. The killing of innocent civilians was the worst of all, I can say. I wonder why a leader could kill his own people from door to door. This was an exceptional decision a leader would make.

Chigai Manyuan, a native of Lake State said, there is no government in Juba. The IMF has closed its door of releasing the hard currency to the government of the South Sudan to boost the faltering economy. All the biggest financial institutions have closed their door. We have no government in July 2015; our government will never meet the dateline either. “The economy hurt pretty badly and will never recover if the US, Troika, and the UN will never stand in support to this failing administration.”

Unless peace is signed this April 10, 2015, otherwise the government will collapse. Both the two leaders (Kiir & Musevene) have felt the pain. And one blames the other for misleading. Nobody knows who mislead who? Musevene is expected to decline his support very soon if there is no sign of recovery to this faltering economy. His interest, said one of the minister in Juba name withheld, is to finance himself and the failing economy of Uganda by using Ugandan soldiers to fight alongside the week governments. There is exponential growth of crime in Juba. People go wild and will continue to go wild because the money is finished. You cannot find even a SSP 5 pound in many people’s pockets.

South Sudan has been hit by violence very badly starting from December 2013, until now. More than 1.9 million have been displaced to neighboring countries, and hundreds of thousands are camped inside UN compound.

Bith Jonathan

Bith Jonathan is an award-winning journalist and columnist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mass media and journalism from the prestigious kenyan school of mass media.

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