Tuesday December 12, 2017

Government Militias, Lake State Youths attacked Mayandiit county. Looted thousands of cattle. Set homes on fire

BENTIU – On Monday morning the armed men from Lake State and SPLA/Juba faction attacked one of the counties in Liech state.Mayandiit county which is located in Southern part of state came under heavy attacked yesterday from the government forces and youth from Lake state.

The government forces and local youth have been planing this attack since April in order to regain control of the southern part of the state where rebel have been camping for almost a year.  The fighting forced many civilians to flee the town heading to  Leer county close to the bank of Nile river. There is no headway for civilians to reach UNMISS base as the fighting continues also in the northern part of the state.


Government forces over ran the SP LA/IO forces yesterday and took most part of the town but today as the fighting reaches its second day, the IO forces in collaboration with local defense forces or LDF made it back this morning, managing to push back the pro-government forces from the town. Currently as I am writing, the fighting is taking place in Madol Payam where forces are seen retreating and inflicted heavy lost in term of human lives, according to the source from mayandiit this afternoon.


There are widespread reports of villages around Mayandiit being burned down to ashes and thousands of cattle  raided. No verification made yet in terms of casualty and lives loses.



Times Wire Staff

The Republic of South Sudan
South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SSRRA) National Headquarters – Pagak

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