Wednesday December 13, 2017

Gen. Gatdet Yak’s son lured and killed outside UNMISS compound in Bor

BOR – Official from the opposition confirmed the death of the elder son of general peter Gatdet Yak who was killed outside of the UNMISS protection camp in Jonglei state’s capital Bor. Yak Peter Gatdet Yak is believed to kill by South Sudan government agent. The incident occurred two days ago while the opposition high ranking military council is preparing to hold a third meeting in Pagak, South Sudan in Ethiopia border.

Yak Peter Gatdet was deceived by some youth who were bribed by government security agent to be connected with his father for a phone conversation outside the protection of civilian camp or POC, one of the officials told the Upper Nile Times.

On our arrival outside, neither an arranged phone call nor someone to speak to us, we were just handed over to the security personnel where they took us at gun point and take tight up our eyes, drove us a way to unknown location, said another source from the UN base in Bor.

Thereafter, they released the rest of us and killed the general’s elder son in front of us.

General Peter Gatdet Yak was the first and the most fearless general from the opposition who rebelled against the government and took up arms in December after the killing of more than 20 thousands Nuer civilians in Juba by Salva Kiir regime. He was the commanding the 8th division in Jonglei state before the war broke in South Sudan.

There is no any reaction yet from the father who is currently in Pagak, the military head quarters for the armed opposition in Western Ethiopia. But one of the official confirmed to the Upper Nile Times that Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak would not attend the upcoming meeting for military command in Pagak due to the death of his son.

The chairman of the opposition Dr. Riek Machar Teny conveys his condolence message to the deceased family of Yak Peter Gatdet.


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