Tuesday December 12, 2017

Commissioners reaffirm their allegiance to the SPLMIO leadership

Pagak – Three commissioners of greater Maiwut reaffirmed their commitment to the SPLMIO leadership saying that nothing would divert their way even if the recently relieved generals decided to rejoin the government.
Speaking to the Upper Nile Times yesterday in Maiwut, the commissioner of Maiwut headquarters Nhial Nyalding said that their community still remain loyal to the movement under the leadership of SPLM/IO in the command of chairman Dr.Riek Machar.


commissioners of greater maiwut

Commissioners of Greater Maiwut

He added that they will do whatever they can to block the enemy of peace to enter to Gaatjaak land which hosts the Military headquarter of the opposition.

“Pagak road is blocked for those who want to enter to cause trouble with in Gajaak community.”- he added
The other commissioners from Thoch County,  Koang Ruot Luach and John Buay Wel from Jetome said that division five under the command of General Khor chuol Giet will be given the task or security control of the area until the C – in – C come to the ground.

The trio reaffirmed the commitment of Gajaak community to continue rallying behind the movement of SPLM/A-IO.




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