Monday November 20, 2017

Armed Resistance against Juba is Indispensable

Brigadier General John Sunday Martin SPLA (IO) 3rd Brigader Commander Division 9 Western Equatoria

Press Release
Dear Reader’

The condemnation of the decision of the SPLM-IO leadership call for resistance against the government of the SPLM by the State Department has fallen in deaf ears and taken away by the wind. This decision for armed resistance against the SPLM-IG is the popular decision of the suffering people of south Sudan that was pronounce by the SPLM-IO leadership, due to lack of political will by the SPLM-IG to resolve the nation’s crisis in peaceful means.

If the USA is genuine in her desire for the well being of the people of south Sudan, and eager peace and stability in south Sudan; the American Government needs to reason with us – the peace searching party (SPLM-IO) than condemning us with objective of dictating their interests that is not unhelpful in resolving the country’s crisis.

John Kirby and associated in State Department should know that, the resolutions of the people of South Sudan for armed struggle has became a key now because peaceful political dialogues and approaches attempted with, to restore the culture of democracy, good governance and rule of the law, and fight corruption in the Country has fails, due to lack of political will by these in power positions.

SPLM-IO believes in peaceful means resolve of national crisis that was why we were willingly to sign the Agreement on the Resolutions of the Conflicts in the Republic of South Sudan in August 2015 though the supposedly to be our partners, the SPLM-IG repudiated to sign the agreement. Because of our strong will for peace, we were courageous to come to Juba unarmed even though Juba was not demilitarized as per the security arrangement. In all these gestures of peace we have shown, the government launched war on us on pseudo claims of coup attempts as they did before in 2013.

Therefore, in a situation whereas the SPLM-IG became spoiler of the peace, we must expect war because people will have no options, but to carry on with armed struggle, in order to achieve democracy and freedom which remain the ultimate goal revolutionary struggles because our struggle against the regime in Juba has its foundation on the respect for human rights, which is continuously, been violated, by the SPLM- IG.

This means that, armed struggle that people of South Sudan in the body of SPLM-IO resolves for in regards to situation of south Sudan is not the end, but only a mean to achieving the objectives of democracy that we the people of this great Nation, is failing to experience.


Brigadier General John Sunday Martin
SPLA (IO) 3rd Brigader Commander
Division 9
Western Equatoria

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