Tuesday December 12, 2017

South Sudan’s Minister resigns and defects to opposition. casting doubts on Unity Government of Salva Kiir

Gabriel Duop Lam

JUBA – A South Sudanese Senior Government Minister resigned from his position further casting doubts on the viability of the Transitional Government of National Unity run by President Kiir and FVP Gen Taban Deng Gai. Lt Gen Gabriel Duop Lam was a Law Enforcement officer in then Jonglei State Government and was at one time appointed as an acting governor in the State.

However after the conflict in December 2013, Lam defected to SPLM in Opposition under Dr Riek Machar Teny, the former Vice President. when peace agreement was signed between the SPLMIO and the Salva Kiir government, Gen Lam and his chairman along with SPLMIO went to Juba last year in order to implement the agreement. However when things flared up again in July of that year, Dr Riek was forced to run to the bush leaving Gen Gabriel Lam along with other colleagues like Gen Taban and Ezekiel Lol. When Taban and Lol conspired with the government of Kiir to install Gen Taban as a leader of SPLMIO and first vice president in place of Dr Riek, Taban appointed Gen Duop Lam as a Minister of Labour, Public Services and Human Resources Development. a position many believed he was holding against his will.

For the past weeks, Gen Lam was out of the country with rumours within the government circles that he could have defected again to the SPLM in Opposition. On Friday this week, Gen Lam issued a statement from unknown location confirming his defection but without much details for the reason of his defection for the second time around. Gen Lam issue the following statement.


Gen Duop Lam is the second powerful government official and senior General to have left the government under President Salva Kiir, after Gen Thomas Cirilo Swaka. A deputy Chief of Staff who defected recently decrying ethnic policies of Salva Kiir favouring his Dinka tribes mates.



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