Monday December 11, 2017

Machar will not go to Juba next week as Juba wanted – SPLMIO

PAGAK – The armed rebels of the SPLM in Oppposition has categorically denied that their leader will go to Juba next week as rumoured in Juba.
Col William Garjiath, the rebels army spokesman of the opposition has categorically denied that Machar and a few rebel officials will visit Juba as part of IGAD leadership summit.
“No way. Our chairman will not go to Juba as rumoured in Juba. there are other things to happen as required in the peace agreement. we have an advance team that we are preparing now to go to Juba. after that, we will have military contigents and army officers heading to Juba to secure way for the chairman. after that the chairman will arrive.” – Garjiath says.
Col William Garjiath also disclosed that even if the anticipated summit involve all the african leaders with maximum protection, Machar will not attend.
“it is not our desire to send the chairman to that volatile area of Juba without proper protection. IGAD may have the summit in place but that doesn’t mean that the summit will involve the chairman. we will do our things per peace agreement” – he added.
Insiders within the SPLMIO say that the idea of Machar to Juba is being attempted to be pushed through by former detainess or FDs. Insiders say that Pagan and other members of the former detainees are urging Ethiopian government to pressure Machar to go to Juba so that it opens the way for them to go back.



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