Monday December 11, 2017

JUBA downplays the ongoing escalating rifts with Khartoum

South Sudan’s Information Minister, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, addresses a news conference in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi on April 2, 2012. (Credit: Reuters)

KHARTOUM – South Sudan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon Bernaba Marial Benjamin has dismissed the ongoing rift between the two Sudans as a “minor diplomatic hiccup caused by misunderstanding” between the two sovereign states and promised that it will be swiftly sorted after meeting Sudan’s Foreign Minister, Ali Karti yesterday.

Marial despatched by Juba this week to quel the ongoing diplomatic tirade between the two countries met Karti and discussed on a wide range of things. The talk cemented on the Khartoum’s accusations that Juba is harbouring SPLM-North rebels. Khartoum once threatened to enter South Sudan territory to find these rebels. Juba categorically denied having SPLM-North fighters in their territory but accused Khartoum of helping South Sudan rebels instead.

This week, while Marial was heading to Khartoum, an antonov carrier bombed Raja County of Western Bhar El Ghazal state injuring dozens. Authorities in Juba refused to blame Khartoum for the bombing but state county officials finger pointed at Khartoum for carrying out similar bombing inside South Sudan territory in the past.

The Joint Security Committee of the two Sudans are set to meet early this month to sort out their differences and to review previous agreements of bilateral relations signed by the two countries.



Ali Sadig Farah

A Political correspondent for The Upper Nile Times based in Khartoum, Sudan

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