Thursday December 14, 2017

Two Ugandan helicopter gunships again bombarded our Military bases:

Col. William Gatjiath Deng right and pressing the table. Credit: Facebook PROFILE


This afternoon at 12:00PM, two Ugandan helicopter gunships used by the government of South Sudan continuing aerial bombardment at our bases in Panyikang County, Tonga and Nyijuat payam in Upper Nile state. They are targeting both military and local civilian. The SPLA-Juba faction is continuing making random shooting at civilians and burns some villages nearby.

It is clear that the government is violating the Permanent Ceasefire declared by 27th/8/2015 by two warring parties. This agreement becomes fragile and may provoke the other situation. So the peace has already thrown in to the dustbin by the government as they are continuing attacking our bases but IGAD Plus, AU and International community still keeping quiet without action.

The freedom fighters are very vigilance to defense their defensive position and will continue to act in self-defend as usual. SPLA/IO condemns the atrocities being committed by the government forces on innocent civilians. As, the movement, it’s not our interest to go back to war after the signing of this Permanent cease fire but Juba government is forcing us to unpopular kind of retaliation that may come soon if the government still continue belligerent on our bases.
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