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Troika Condemns the Attack against SPLM-IO Position and Calls for Urgent Revitalization of 2015 Peace Process

UK – The Troika (Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States) that brokered the 2015 peace  process has issued a joint press statement seen by the Upper Nile Times on the Gov.uk site saying the “European Union condemn the continuing violence in South Sudan, especially the Government of South Sudan’s current offensive against SPLM-In Opposition (SPLM-IO) forces near Pagak,” the statement read.

Like seen on different social media, and condemned by number of international bodies including the UN special representative, Shareer, the member states that brokered the peace strongly stated that “the Pagak offensive is a clear violation of the unilateral ceasefire declared by President Salva Kiir on May 22, and calls into question the government’s commitment to reach peace through the National Dialogue, notwithstanding the sincere efforts undertaken by the leaders of the Steering Committee,” the stated.

The member states (Troika and EU) “repeat and endorse the June 12 call by the leaders of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) for President Kiir to ensure that his forces respect the unilateral ceasefire, for the armed opposition groups to reciprocate the ceasefire, and for all groups to allow the unfettered delivery of humanitarian assistance to all those in need,” they said.

A statement such as this is one of a kind; and therefore, if considered, can be a wake call for the Kiir’s regime to stop senseless attacks against civilians and the SPLM-IO forces at their stronghold positions.

“We also welcome IGAD’s announcement of a High-Level Revitalization Forum for the South Sudan peace process.  We call upon IGAD to expeditiously convene the Forum, and to include the current principal parties to the conflict,” which is one of the demand the government seemed to reject on several occasions.

Like internationally known that South Sudan was brought to light with the help of the United States, a call by Troika and EU would add weight to stop the ever worsening situation that amounted to the worst humanitarian crisis facing the young nation on the face of the planet earth.

“We urge all parties to fully participate in the Forum.  The Troika and EU agree with IGAD that the Forum should focus on achieving a ceasefire and resuming political dialogue that focuses on updating the agreement’s timelines and other provisions that are now obsolete in light of the expansion of conflict since 2015,” the read the release.

Salva Kiir and his allies have been dragging feet, chattering message of hope with putting more fuel on fire, which absolutely has become clear that National Dialogue could never solve South Sudan matter.  However, only the resuscitation of 2015 peace process inclusive of all parties to the conflict can bring a sustainable peace before any of the election process is discussed.

Therefore, the world body acting as the principal auspice of the South Sudan violent conflict concluded that “South Sudan’s leaders, neighbors, and regional and international partners must first focus on achieving peace in order to create the conditions needed to hold credible elections.  To achieve these urgent goals, we look forward to the prompt revitalization of an inclusive and credible peace process by IGAD; such progress would be required in order for the Troika and EU to commit further resources to institutions designed to implement the agreement,” read the statement.

The violence displaced more than 2 million people to neighboring countries, 5 million people at risk of starvation and hundreds of thousands stranded in UN protection of civilians Sites across the main Cities.  As the government continue its offensive against the opposition forces, the international community feared that South Sudan is disintegrating into small fractions which will make it more difficult to change in the future.  Stay tune!




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