Monday November 20, 2017

The SPLM-IO under Dr. Machar Held a Youth Conference, Saturday September 3, 2016

EDMONTON – With the theme: “Strengthening our Unity while working for reform, reclaiming back the identity & nationalism, and mobilizing resources” the conference drew various SPLM-IO leaders including the community leaders who are serving in the City of Edmonton and Calgary.  Among them was Acting Representative to Canada Cde. Charles Pionsen, SPLM-IO Country Coordinator Cde. John Jock Dawech, ROSS Country Director Cde. Nhial Korow Wicleek, National Secretary Tut Puot Yut, Provincial Coordinator William Riek Tut and his Assistance Cde. Patrick, National Secretary George Wuor Tuong, Provincial Secretary Wuor Pal Nyuon, West Canada ROSS Coordinator Ker Puok Mayian, Secretary of Woman Leaque Cde. Joyce Paul, Secretary for Finance James Gatdet Tut, West Canada Secretary for ROSS Cde. Boor Doyak, Community Engagement officer in the office of the Representative Cde. Joyce Wicleek, South Sudan Community Association Chairman Khor Top and his executive leaders, South Sudan Council of Churches John Wiyual Chuang and his team, and Nuer Community in Edmonton Chairman Mach Ter amongst others.

Cde. Gatluak Kayier Bichiok, the chairman of the Youth League for the SPLM-IO applauded the turn out and the support given by all the leaders including the members that made it to the conference hall.  Marial Tang, Provincial Youth Leader and Maker Gatluak Thou, the Chapter Leader have voiced their appreciation as well to the congregants that have turn up for the conference.

The resolution agreed by the leaders was to forge collaborative work hand-in-hand for a safe return of South Sudan to her previous identity.  “A nation blessed with all the resources cannot be misruled by corrupt leaders” they said.  It is the task the Youth will consider urgently so that rogues do not sway the objective of the South Sudanese spirants for the greater good of South Sudanese.

“The leaders also strongly condemned the Crown Hotel officials Under Taban Deng Gai and Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth who betrayed the course, have strongly warned them to abandon Salva Kiir’s regime in the sin City Juba where hundreds of thousands live in fear under the protection of UNMIS, and called for a robust mechanism to restore law and order across South Sudan under the abled leader Chairman Dr. Machar who is a man of peace, equality, and just system unlike that of Salva Kiir,” they said.

Reports from various media sources reported that more than 5 million are facing hunger, while 2 million people were displaced to neighboring countries.  During the signatory agreement of August 26, 2015, last year, many people have seen light to have shown, but was disowned in less than a twinge light by the force of Salva Kiir in an attempt to assassinate Dr. Machar and to abrogate peace agreement.    Stay tune!



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