Saturday November 25, 2017

The Government Forces under Salva Kiir and Taban Deang are repulsed from Mathiang

Rebel Commander CDR. James Koang Chuol Ranley - Credit: James Ranley II

MATHIANG – The genocidal forces of the Juba led government that attacked SPLA-IO position and terrorized civilians yesterday in Mathiang, the capital of the Longechuk Country, have met their fate today leaving a terrain of corpses of their dead colleagues.

The government forces and their allied militia had entered Mathiang town at the eve of the weekend where they had destroyed properties with Tanks and heavy weapons before the SPLM-IO command council in the area under the overall command of General Khor Chol and General Thok Chol ordered their forces to flash them out, which they did today.

An SPLM-IO intelligent extended this report to the Upper Nile Times today stating, “we have repulsed the government forces and are now being pursued to Mangok.” We captured some of their light weapons, however, we are still pursuing them in different directions, he said.

Another official who spoke on condition of animosity reported “this is the worse lesson the forces of Salva Kiir and Taban Deang have ever faced.”  “They thought that it’s worth it a try, which has absolutely become the experience that would last a life time on their side” he uttered.

We are surrounding them in different directions; and therefore, we will never stop pursuing them until we seize them all if they insist, he stated.

Some unconfirmed report indicated the Governor of the defunct State was barely missed.  This report came from the Intelligent who allegedly reported, one of a close commander was reported missed in action yesterday evening.

“We are receiving report from the front-line that one of their big general was shot and killed.”  However, this report is yet to be verified, said the intelligent.

It is reported that more than 5,000 people displaced, several of children and women killed and many properties destroyed.

Last two months ago, Salva Kiir ordered his forces not to attack any position of the SPLM-IO to ensure that peace is prioritized.  However, this order failed to take effect because Salva Kiir himself is using it as a pretext to launching more attacks against the strategically identified stronghold positions of the SPLM-IO.

This is an assurance to the international community that President Salva Kiir and his allied Vice President Taban Deang that their actions are opposite; and therefore, the international community must know that they are not for peace at all.  They are actually seeking military means to end this four years conflicts or to even prolong it than expected.

The violent conflict that has long been ragging is yet to be halted.  This shows lack of commitment to peaceful settlement to the conflict.  As the main opposition to the conflict, “we want peace.”  But it is up to international community’s onus to fail the south Sudanese civilians or rescue them to bring such peace across South Sudan should they so wished” the Intelligent reported.  Stay tune!



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The Government Forces under Salva Kiir Attack Longechuk Headquarter, Mathiang

Besieged Allied Militia of Juba – led Government Defected to SPLM/A-IO

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