Monday December 11, 2017

South Sudan Army Chief of Staff is Militarizing Juba

JUBA – In a move that left many to speculate about the future of peace agreement, the Upper Nile Times has received concrete information that militarization of Juba has taken place late last night and yesterday as Chief of General Staff; Paul Malong Awan expressed unhappiness about coming to Juba of the First Vice President Designate, Dr. Riek Machar pending April 18, 2016.
According to a reliable source from inner circle, General Malong was reported to have visited his home town late last week where he allegedly briefed his communities of his rejection for Dr. Machar to become the president of South Sudan.

The Army Chief has been known for hate speeches and a possible derailment of peace as he echoed on numerous occasions.

One insider reported that “the cancellation of Deputy Chairman, Alfred Lado Gore from going to Juba last Sunday was because the authority in Juba has not permeated General Lado to have landed.”  Instead of expressing it formally, they then resort to switching the airport light as a signal to indicate their rejection.  “It is unfortunate to learn that these things are still happening” said Nancy; a name prepared by the interviewee in Juba who decided not to reveal her real name.  We are sick and tired of disgruntled officials who don’t understand the ongoing suffering of South Sudanese.

The wanton skyrocketing of the market commodities and the faltering economy are signs that show that the regime does not care about the life of its citizens.  “It is unrealistic that few could disrupt this genuine peace that Comrades Machar has agreed to have honored,” she said. When contacted the leadership of the SPLM-IO Advance Team, they declined to comment on that.

More than 970 SPLM-IO soldiers have been flown to Juba the past weeks.  Although, individual behaviors are overriding the genuine process as agreed up on, the Chairman of the SPLM-IO, the First Vice Designate, Dr. Riek Machar Teny in a briefing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, expressed his readiness to go to Juba from his general headquarter Pagak, South Sudan comes April 18, 2016.  The Upper Nile Times has also learned that dozens of people are for peace inside and outside South Sudan.  Stay tune for more news.

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