Tuesday December 12, 2017

Salva Kiir Orders His Force to Pursue Dr. Machar in their Hideout


JUBA – A reliable source from within the military ranks of South Sudan Government has secretly informed the Upper Nile Times about a recently executed plan by President Kiir Ordering his Gen. Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan to pursue Dr. Riek Machar’s force in their hideout.

Despite the call president Kiir has made to his rival Dr. Machar to return back to Juba.  He then stressed that he would have protection for him if he is feeling unsafe; a move disregarded by James Gatdet Dak, the Spokesperson for the First Vice President Dr. Machar as untrue.

It is indeed untrue that President Kiir should protect Dr. Macchar while the attack that plunged the country back into civil war took place before him.  If he had any protection available he could not have allowed such war to unfold from the very first place.

Machol, a Dinka from Bor and as well a residence of Juba said “President Kiir has succumbed to the culture of not telling truth, a practice many Dinkas have accepted as normal.”  It is South Sudan alone that fabrication of lies is normally acceptable.  How could someone provide protection and at the same time ordering the war.  Many people have generally been misinformed about the culture of these people referring to Jieng Council of Elders, Paul Malong, and President Kiir.   These are interest group whom are good for nothing.  They have destroyed South Sudan fearing Dr. Riek’s coming to power.  They did not know that Dr. Machar is a citizen of South Sudan with all the rights and privileges to become the leader of this country, he uttered.

Their main agenda is to care for themselves rather than polarized interest Dinka as a tribe look forward to developing.  They have damaged the good name Jieng have been known for throughout South Sudan.  I don’t know how this defamation will be removed, he said.

Machol stressed that many people are killed and the number could exceed 300 as allegedly said.  I have seen the Red Cross collecting bodies and are still collecting more and more bodies from the city core to the airport and to Jebel Kujur area where the war was heavily fought.

It is very unfortunate to see president Kiir not learning from this recent lesson which claimed more lives from his force than it is for Riek Machar.

Ugandan Soldiers Dressed in South Sudan Army’s Military Fatigues

As a cover up, Machol has continued to say the vanguard brought from Uganda as a rescue mission for the citizens of Uganda doing businesses in Juba, was meant to rescue Salva Kiir.  One thing they are brought to do is their military expertise so that they could locate Dr. Machar’s where about.  Although it is being seen on various sources that the Ugandan contingent, which came to evacuate Ugandan citizens, has gone back is untrue.  It is a mere lie.  They are amalgamated into and dressed in South Sudan military uniform.  Do not trust Kiir and Yoweri Museveni, he stressed.

In another development, Farajala, a native of Jubek State said, he has seen the Helicopter hovering around Jebel Mountain which is being suspected as Dr. Machar’s hideout.  Our correspondence was trying to gather information related to such development from various sources; however, it was difficult to reach others to ensure that the report was true.  Farajala who was speaking on condition of animosity reported that he feared for his dear life.  And this is because the government has resorted to recording voices of the people speaking out against the government.

South Sudan has witnessed deadly clashes between the two rival forces of the two leaders whom on many occasions have held sharp criticism against each other.  On august 26, 2015, a Compromised Peace Agreement was signed, which was backed by international community to restore peace across the land.  However, President Kiir failed to show commitment to this peace for the reason known to him and his JCE.  It is up to International Community to solve this problem as Dr. Machar has done his part by having implemented the peace with his going to Juba.  Stay Tune!




Philip Gual

An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.

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