Tuesday December 12, 2017

Salva Kiir Gives In to UN Regional Protection Force

President Kiir (file photo)


JUBA – According to The Gulf Today, President Salva Kiir on Wednesday urged his night criminal South Sudanese polices “to cooperate with a new 4,000-strong United Nations (UN) force being deployed in the capital Juba.”
Salva Kiir has been a stonewall in accepting to work with the UN, abrogating the peace agreement, and calling for unsuccessful cessation of hostilities on a number of times, has finally crippled into accepting to cooperate with the UN Protection force because the whole region including the United States do not support his unfaithful behavior.  The ongoing hostilities, gang rape of young girls and women, the night robberies across the capital Juba, could have been prevented, but yet less was done to change the condition as he (Kiir) finds fantasy in such a cruel act of killing ordinary civilians for no possible reason.
On his remarks before his trained criminals who go on rampage at night, looting civilians’ properties at night and dressed in police/military camouflages during the day, he said “You are not to fight the RPF or the forces of the UNMISS, you have to cooperate with them,” he said.
Although noted cases of reluctance were seen with the soldiers under his guards blocking the UN protection forces from deploying to the adjacent of the airport fearing the fact that the UN might be preparing to take over the security of the airport.  He said, “they are here on a temporary basis, if we didn’t fight among ourselves these people wouldn’t have come here.”
Speculations have been all over social media as to why Kiir appeared to speak with conciliatory tone while at one point was a roaring lions who was devouring the elephant he could not finish.  With the coming of Nikki, the US ambassador to UN, to South Sudan the following week, our correspondence will closely monitor such development if all he said was to appease Trump administration that he is on top of his homegrown issues.  Stay tune!




Philip Gual

An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.

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