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Opposition Supporters Rubbished National Dialogue without Dr. Machar

MELBOURNE – The SPLM-IO supporters across the world rubbished the national dialogue echoed by illegitimate President, referring to it as meaningless.  Three years ago today December 15, 2016, President Salva Kiir systematically exterminated innocent Nuer civilians marking the darkest day in the history of the Republic of South Sudan.  After the victim of genocide formed a resistant movement, the IGAD member states, together with the rest of the world teamed up to help foster the then Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA) inked by both principal leaders Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir in August 2015.  That was followed by Dr. Machar being called to go to Juba, to honor the peace accord.  In the very watch of the international community, Salva Kiir had dishonored the peace by launching the worst attack of it kinds against Dr. Machar’s camp in Jebel Kujuur.

This brought SPLM-IO supporters to questions the legitimacy of calling for a national dialogue saying “Salva Kiir must be out of his mind.”  The real dialogue was the aborted Compromise Peace Agreement signed in 2015, on July 8, 2016, in Presidential Palace, a move that shook the world.

In recent past, various reports have indicated that South Sudan is entering into a worst kind of situation, basically, a full scaled war in the up coming dry season.  The UN representative tasked to oversee Genocide has strongly issued a statement indicating to the world that South Sudan is sliding into a genocide and requested that the world must act now to rescue South Sudan from falling through a genocidal lane, which had already happened in 2013.

In less than 100 miles away from Juba, the Greater Equatoria region has witnessed the gross crime committed against the civilians leaving a score of people dead.  The killing involved dismemberment of the people’s body parts, gang rape against women and young girls, burning alive people in their homes, and feeding people with their love ones fleshes.

John, a native of Upper Nile asked, what would it means for a national dialogue if the killing sphere isn’t stop? Who would hold dialogue with Salva Kiir and his tribesmen that are carrying out atrocities across South Sudan?

Otieno, a native of Western Equatoria who is currently residing in Australia stated that “the rogue regime must only evacuate Juba to avoid total elimination.”  Our people have suffered enough; and therefore, we will never sit back still and allow this rogue President and his JCE to continue the killing.  Than for them to call for a national dialogue, the respond to their baseless call will be a complete up rise across the region so that they could be forced out.  They have already killed the very peace needed across the region, therefore, their current call to dialogue is an insult to the entire nation at large.

James, a resident of United States said “I think Salva Kiir is just calling a dialogue with his friend Taban Deng Gai, not the victim of genocide.” They must know that their days are numbered.  The real peace they could have kept was the one brought about on August 17, 2015, by Dr. Machar.  When Dr. Machar went to Juba, instead of embracing him for the sack of peace, they then unleashed the next round of violence, which resulted into the killing of a dozen of civilians.  Therefore, for South Sudan to be stable, a resuscitation of August 2015, Compromised Peace Agreement is needed, and it is now rather than latter in order for the government in Juba to survive.

As the saying goes a spat is a spat, Salva Kiir’s call for a nationwide dialogue is just deemed in Canada, particularly, in Calgary one and a laughingstock.  Salva Kiir, a confused delusional President is just playing his ill tactics.  “This is a complete rubbish” they said

South Sudan has been engaged in gun battle for more than three years now.  A score of people have been killed indiscriminately across the region, yet more killing is still ongoing.  Hundreds of thousands of people are stationed in the UN Camps across the country and more than 2.5 million people have possibly been displaced to neighboring countries.  Now, for South Sudan to witness a sustainable peace, a resuscitation of the peace agreement is needed, third party force deployed, and justice take effects.  Stay tune!




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