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Nuer Community Development Service in the United States Condemns Kenyan Government for deporting James Gatdet Dak

President Uhuru Kenyatta (Photo: AFP)

NEBRASKA – In a strong worded letter seen by the Upper Nile Times today November 11, 2016, and signed by Simon Khot Hoth, the Secretary of Nuer Community Development Service (NCDS), the Nuer Community expressed their dismay saying “we are writing to express our strongest condemnation and protest against the deportation of James Gatdet Dak, the journalist and spoke person of Dr. Riek Machar, to Juba by the Kenyan Government”

Kenyan has been a good neighbor to the Republic of South Sudan and as well a peace guarantor in the August 26, 2015, Peace Agreement signed by both principal leaders, Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar.  However, the current “action taken by the Kenyan Government in deporting James Gatdet Dak to Juba is a blatant violation of human rights under the Geneva Convention and International Law on rights of refugees under protection of the United Nations” read the letter.

The people of Kenyan have been known to have problem with bribery.  In most cases, many tourists that have visited Kenya, in the past and present have felt affected by the Kenyans behavior of using bribe as a way to make money not knowing their act is a systematic way of robbery.  The deportation has brought to open old experiences people have been exposed to about Kenyans.  For that matter, the Nuer Community “strongly condemns the deportation of James Gatdet as an act of bribery.”

The community has studied the reasons behind James Gatdet Dak’s deportation; however, the community found that the act was

“politically motivated and aimed at silencing Dr. Riek Machar, the dedicated and uncompromising voices of the marginalized South Sudanese groups speaking in defense of the rights of all against the abuse of the country’s wealth in bringing mercenaries to fight for the government and bribing the neighboring countries to abuse the SPLM –IO members in their countries stemming from the highest level of the tribal government and authority of the JCE in Juba.”

Also “we are dismayed by this action that has put the life of James Gatdet  Dak in a greater risk possible at the hand of the enemies. This action by Kenyan Government is a clear revealing of the Kenyan army’s role in the war, fighting alongside South Sudan, and in betrayal to the aspirations of South Sudanese who are determined to free themselves from the murderous regime in Juba.”

South Sudan has been affected by the ongoing gun battle which created state of anarchy across the country.   It is believed that the violent conflict has displaced more than 1.9 million people and stranded hundreds of thousands people across the country.  Stay tune!!!



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