Wednesday December 13, 2017

Kiir must revoke the 28 States decree or peace agreement must be scrapped – SPLMIO supporters warn

Malakal – Members of the armed South Sudan opposition have called on South Sudan Opposition leader to force Kiir to reverse the decree calling for establishment of 28 states in South Sudan or the “supporters will go back to the drawing board, that’s fight until Salva Kiir is no more”
A group of armed SPLMIO soldiers lead by a colonel who gave his name as Deng Both in Renk urged Machar “not to waste his time pleasing Salva Kiir with a peace agreement he doesn’t want.”
“Salva Kiir believes in military solution to the conflict. He wants the war to continue on. He sees the leadership of SPLMIO as soft. He also sees that JMEC leadership doesn’t have powers to impose decisions. So we urge Machar to force Kiir to revoke the 28 states decree or we all scrap the peace agreement altogether. If he doesn’t like peace, we should not be the one to accept peace”- Deng said.
In Malakal, a UNMISS IDP leader named Stephen Kuol Gai echoed Deng’s statement saying the 28 states decree is a tribal colonisation of South Sudan by Salva Kiir to please the Dinka community.
“We used to fight with Dinka long time ago. we have been fighting every since over land and grazing rights. now Salva Kiir as a president of everybody found a way to reward his people using state resources. He want to expand the lands of Dinka to territories that dont belong to them. We will not allow this. we want peace to come but Kiir and his groups don’t want it that way. we will fight for our lands till the last man” – Gai warned
South Sudan’s peace agreement is at critical stage as warring parties trade blows of what should happen in the implementation of the agreement.
early this week, James Gatdet Dak, the official spokesman of the opposition leader Dr Riek Machar said to Eye Radio that his boss Dr Riek Machar will not go to Juba until 28 states decree is revoked by President Kiir.
SPLMIO’s 269 advance team are currently in Juba to try to enforce the peace agreement.
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President Kiir Announced 28 States Governors

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