Monday December 11, 2017

Hundreds of Nuer congregants refused to attend the Sunday services over the present of Taban Deng – Report

JUBA – The Nuer dominated Presbyterian Church in Juba was today hard-hit by low turnout of regular members who refused for the first time to show up in protest on hearing that General Taban Deng, the ‘new FVP’ recently appointed in a controversial fashion by President Kiir, and Ezekiel Lol, a former diplomat were going to attend the Church.

A church layman who gave his only name as Peter told this paper that hundreds of regular attendees refused to show up claiming that the request by Taban to pray at the church should not have been alllowed because “he and his group are trying to divide the Nuer community, which only benefits the Dinka tribe”

“We have a known Number of regular visitors to this church and the number we have today is lower than people expected. It has never been like this. Some people refused to come. They dont want those who are dividing the Nuer people to come and preach or talk about South Sudan unity while all the Nuers are in the bush or UN camps without food. They have a good reason to stay home” – Peter said.

Asked if the decision to allow Gen Taban, who attends the Nuer church for the first was imposed on the church by the government agents, Peter said:

“You can’t rule out anything in this place. The church has been receiving threats after threats after the conflict erupted in December 2013 and continue to receive threats. It can be true or maybe the leaders of the church acted against their own will too. but today, I have noted the eyes of the today’s congregants and they are not happy. They were not even clapping nor saying any amen as they used to when a high figure comes to this church. Not many went to greet them” – Peter



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