Monday December 11, 2017

Didinga & Buya Community in North America Condemned the Barbaric killing of 49 People in Budi County, Eastern Equatoria State


BUDI COUNTY – The killing that took place in five towns namely: Ngatuba, Bohorora, Chareet, Locioto and Ngauro villages shocked the entire community of Didinga and Buya across the United Stated and Canada.

According to the letter extended to the Upper Nile Times by the two main community leaders whose role was to warn the State Governor of the recently formed Nemorunyang, Hon. Luis Lobonge Lojor, the duo expressed their dismay over the faltering security situation.  We, the Didinga communities in Diaspora, from the aforementioned Nations, and the people of Didinga land, are writing to express our total dismay, while aggrieved by the horrendous loss of lives propagated by heavily armed Toposa men” the letter read.

According to Augustino, a strong member and a residence in Canada expressed that barbaric attack by the Toposa tribe men against the Didinga was a baseless one that needed to be strongly condemned.  He therefore cited lack of security and the weak security situation apparatus as there is no protection for civilians in the County.

The attack claimed more than 49 people and these included children, women and elderly said Lokunyang, a native from Didinga Land.  “We need justice they said, we need protection, and therefore we urge the Transitional Government of National Unity to uphold and bolster security across the state.”  The suspected attackers must have people to associate with.  Some suspected Governor Luis Lobonge and the government to be behind this attack.  One of the evidences being that the attackers were using heavy machine guns of no kind the villagers would not have acquired.  Where did these guns come from they asked? Who aided these people to attack innocent civilians? Why the government did not response as required?  Marco, a residence of Canada from Bohorora town said I have never seen a thing such as this attack because Toposa raiders used to raid, but could not burn people in the houses.  This kind of attack is politically motivated.

In this letter, the two community leaders (Mr. Amedeo Awai – President of Didinga & Buya Community Association of Canada and Mr. Lino Loboi Nakuwa – President of Didinga & Buya Community Association in United States of America) directed their concern saying “we are extremely concerned that you left the undisclosed Toposa gathering attack outpost in Narus, together with the Didinga Commissioner to Kapoeta without ordering and dispatching an emergency government police or military force to go and protect the people who were actively under Toposa armed men attack.”  Such ignorance amount to a lack of seriousness on your part as a Governor of the State, or else, they said.

The leaders cited land issues as to be the cause for this senseless attack.  “Than for the government to tackle this issue of land so that people enjoy peace, more defunct States that took land from original people is being encouraged by the government,” they said.

The Eastern Equatoria has been very calm over the past two years.  However, insecurity is beginning to emerge and people are losing lives on a daily basis.  It is the work of new government to restore peace across the country as this would mean stability to the people desperately needing it.  More news to follow, stay tunes!



Philip Gual

An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.

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