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Calls For Resignation of Festus Mogae gathers storm as experts call him “ineffective”

JUBA – South Sudanese Opposition group, the SPLMIO has been calling for weeks the resignation of Festus Mogae, the chairman of JMEC and custodian of the South Sudan Peace agreement viewing him as an obstacle to the resuscitation of the peace agreement brokered last year by IGAD and Troika countries.

According to the SPLMIO, “Mogae is no more in position to supervise the implementation of the peace agreement and not in charge of disclosing who should be blamed for peace collapse, instead the former Botswana president is dining and in payroll of President Kiir and his corrupt regime where he is told what to do not what the agreement says”

SPLMIO’s Mabior Garang, the chairman of the SPLMIO committee for public relations said that the comments on Radio by the Festus Mogae that let to group’s call for his resignation were “regrettable and should not be said by a peace guarantor ” . Garang issued the following press statement:



South Sudanese experts and civil society groups expressed concerns on the direction of the peace agreement and how Festus Mogae does seem to be comfortable with violations after violations by the government in Juba without condemnation since the fight broke out in Juba in July last year. Dr Miamingi, a South Sudanese Professor based in South Africa and expert in the conflict said that Mogae are president Kiir are in “abused relationship where Mogae is acting as the abused and Kiir as the abuser” . Miamingi posted this on his official facebook page:

Dr Miamingi posted the statement as a major sign that Festus will never be able to condemn anything from President Kiir government as he’s ineffective and abused and can’t carry his duties normally as its supposed to be in the peace agreement.





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