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Besieged Allied Militia of Juba – led Government Defected to SPLM/A-IO

photo: Reuters

MATHIANG – News from the ground extended to the Upper Nile Times have indicated that the Juba government militia whom were sent to attack Longechuk, County and Maiwut, County South Sudan were besieged as the war intensified.  Governor Bol Ruach Rom, the most fugitive and main agent of Taban Deang is feared dead or risk running in the jungle of Pamach with a sustained wound.

Intelligent report from the ground indicated that “Salva Kiir’s and Taban’s remnant militia have been surrounded and completely overwhelmed as most of them fail to realize that they have come to attack SPLM/A-IO in her strong holds,” he said.  This is a suicide mission that they should have calculated wisely.  They have launched this attack thinking they will win because they have tanks and heavy weapons, but they failed miserably.  The ones that escape from Biot, an area in Thoch, where their vehicles stuck from, are on the run and are being pursued greatly.

In another report, around 103 solider under the command of a newly promoted general by Taban Deang Gai reported themselves to SPLM-IO.  There is no reason for us to fight our families, they said.  It is baseless to be sent to fight your own people simply to be in power, Paul reiterated this message blaming Taban and Ezekiel for sending them to fight Gaajaak in their heartland.  Salva Kiir is not sending his soldiers to fight his very own people and he is still there executing Nuer and other tribes on a greater scale.  This is unacceptable, he said.

However, the SPLM-IO command council in Pagak urged the international community to monitor the move allegedly carried out by Salva Kiir and his ally partner Taban Deang in the name of “National Dialogue.”  To be very sincere, there is no national dialogue in the making, but the dialogue uttered is a deceptive mechanism to mislead the world that there is a dialogue going on while they are carrying out atrocious activities across south Sudan.

For a genuine peace to come, the international community must take an urgent action to resuscitate the dead peace, call for an urgent ceasefire with Dr. Machar taking part in it, and mandate third party force to quickly begin their needed action to realize peace.  Before any of that action, the SPLM/A-IO will not tolerate provocation, said intelligent report from Mathiang, Longechuk County South Sudan.

The 9 days violence claimed more lives and displaced hundreds of thousands to Maiwut. A number of NGOs operating in the area were also displaced leaving the displaced people to suffer due to a lack of food.  The local administration in the area of Pagak is calling for an urgent assistance as the humanitarian situation is worsening.  Stay tune!



Philip Gual: An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.