Monday December 11, 2017

6 killed as IDPs in Malakal aided by government forces fought among themselves


MALAKAL – UN reports at PoCs in Malakal, Upper Nile State have disclosed to the Upper Nile Times that sporadic clashes have been happening since yesterday between IDPs.  The report has it that 6 people have been killed and over 30 others seriously wounded and in critical conditions.

A UN staffer (name withheld for fear of repercussion) has reported that the fighting was reported to have broken out between Dinka IDPs and Nuer IDPs.  However, the cause for the fighting was unknown. However a Nuer IDP described that it was a misunderstanding between a Dinka and a Nuer guy:

The fighting, caused by a misunderstanding and argument pitted the Nuer IDPs against the Dinka counterparts at the POC site before it spread over to the whole camp. The fighting in the early hours of the morning started with sticks and stones throwing. A shilluk man was instantly killed by Dinka men as he was mistaken for a Nuer. The situation then got out of hand as Shilluk community joined in the fight to revenge for their dead.  A Dinka man was also speared to death by Nuer men with two others beaten to unconsciousness.

Another IDP had condemned the fighting calling it a violation of the peace agreement signed in August 2015.  “It is unacceptable for Salva Kiir and JCE to talk peace while urging tribesmen to carry on with attack of others.

Nyacigak, a native of malakal from Shilluk tribe has stated her dismay calling the government of Salva Kiir a disgraceful one to South Sudanese.  “A government that annex land to others from others is not a government, but a government in disgrace” she said.  Last year, Salva Kiir issued unconstitutional degree dividing South Sudan into 28 States, a move seen to have profound impact on communities across South Sudan for taking their lands without proper demarcations.

Such a decree helped intensifies the problem across South Sudan.  It is believed that the fighting in the PoCs could also be caused by such division.


Allegedly, there was speculation that the Dinka soldiers in Malakal have lured in weapons and ammunitions to their locals seeking shelter in Malakal PoC with intension to harm the Nuer’s and Shilluk’s PoC residents.

A UNMISS – Rwandan police officer disclosed that while the fight was still going on, 2 SPLA pick up trucks pulled over at the other fence sheltering Dinka IDPs and youths were seen picking up guns off the two trucks. Immediately after the trucks’ return, 2 youths opened fire on the crowded Nuer and Shilluk groups killing 4 people and injuring 34

If the smuggling of the weapon into the POC site is found to be true, it  would amount to a total violation of the Peace Agreement and as well the formation of the Government of National Unity in the Republic of South Sudan.

According to the UNMISS soldiers and NGOs staffers, The death toll is likely to rise as majority of the injured sustained heavy gun shot wounds. 17 are so far in critical condition. UNMISS however has so far controlled the situation with tear gas and gun shots in the air to disperse the crowd.

The violence conflict in south Sudan has claimed more than 50 thousand, and displaced millions of people.  Currently, the fighting has spread to Western Equatoria, a place reported to have been experiencing calm a year before, but now descended into chaos.  Numerous accusations have been laid against the government for carrying out attacks on civilians, displacing hundreds of thousands to DRC.  “These are all violations, most of which amount to crime against humanity” Kamis Kanda stated.



Philip Gual

An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.

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The Chairman of the SPLM-IO Accepts his Appointment as the First Vice President of South Sudan

South Sudan Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 4 | 28 March 2016

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